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Photography Packages 2017/18

Despite my specialisation in Wedding and Stills Photography, I also offer clients a vast array of other photography packages. Below is a list of these alternative packages along with some examples of my work. If you don't see what you were hoping to find or simply want to get in touch for a quote, simply send me a message via my Contact Page and I'll make sure to get back to you as soon as I can.

For full photography albums, visit my Flickr Page by clicking on the logo below! (More albums become available over time)

Studio Family Photoshoot


NEW FOR 2016/17! Would you like to mark a special occassion such as a birthday or anniversary? Or simply have a blank space on your wall and want to fill it with something to impress your guests? I'm proud to offer a new Studio Family Photoshoot package for 2016/17. Depending on the size of your entourage, the photoshoot lasts 1-2 hours and takes place at Memento Studios in Walton on Thames. You recieve a selection of edited pictures (next day delivery) and I'm happy to assist you in printing or creating a collage of your images from the shoot. 

Outdoor Family/Couples Photoshoot

For me, there's nothing better than getting out in the great outdoors (when the weather is nice!) and taking some candid, natural photos of your wonderful family. If you didn't want to bring your entire family along, there's no reason it can't be just the two of you instead! Given the unpredictable British weather, I only conduct these outdoor photoshoots during the summer months (June-August). The session lasts between one and two hours (depending on how many family members you decide to bring along) and you receive the edited photos the next day. If you would like prints of the photos, I would be happy to cost this up and deliver this to you for no additional charge.

Newborn/Baby Photoshoot

After the birth of your special little someone it's really important to get some good quality pictures as soon as possible given that they grow so fast! The best time to conduct a newborn/baby shoot is usually in the first couple of weeks after the birth when they're all settled at home. The session takes around 1-2 hours depending on the baby's mood. Please get in touch for a quote!

Band/Musician Photoshoot

If you require some striking photos for your new Album, EP or simply need some promotional images to publicise your music, I would definitely be able to help you out. Some of my band photos have even made it onto and featured in Rocksound Magazine. This photo session can either take place outside or in a studio; it's entirely up to you. The photoshoot lasts between one and two hours, depending on the size of your band and how many different set-ups you require. You receive the edited images the following business day. 

Business Promotional Material

Just starting up or thinking about refreshing the content on your website? Do you need professional quality images to help advertise or promote your business? With my Business Promotional Material package, I can provide indivdual headshots and candid images of your business in motion. These can be taken on location ('on the job') or in a studio if you would like a 'cleaner' image. This session last one to two hours depending on what you are hoping to achieve and the number of images that you require. 


Actors and Actresses are constantly updating their headshot portfolio in order to keep their image up to date. I offer both studio* and natural light headshots, although the latter is weather dependent. This session usually lasts one hour and you recieve the photos the following business day.


*The cost of studio headshots is higher than natural light photos due to studio hire costs.

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